CONEC CONNECTORS-  High  Reliability, Industrial Connectors- D-Sub , Combo
D-sub, including High      Density and solid body IP 67,  IP 67 RJ45,  IP 67 USB, IP 67
Mini USB, IP 67Fiber Optic LC  duplex, Industrial Circulars,  Back shells/Hoods
connector accessories.
HARWIN CONNECTORS- Datamate High-Rel connectors, including Board to
Board, Wire to Board, Mixed Technology with jack screws, Gecko High-Rel 1.25 mm  
space saving series, Battery Hot shoe, RF Shield Clips, Terminals &  Hardware.
SPACECRAFT COMPONENTS-  Mil-Spec circular connectors modified connector
specialist, Mil-5015, 38999. PCB tails. Rugged reverse bayonet, Mil=-Spec dust
caps, back shells, Power Band high performance contacts, Flange EMI gaskets,
EMI/RFI shield termination bands, Cable assembly.
Quell eeseal- EMI/RFI and Transient protection connector inserts for a variety of
standard and custom connectors. Meets Mil and IEC standards for EMI and ESD.
Samples built to your specifications  in 24 hours. .
IW MICROWAVE- Low Loss 50 ohm & 75 ohm coaxial cable & assemblies. IW's
proprietary processes provides industry leading attenuation & phase perforamce
over a wide temperature range..
ULTI-MATE-  Micro-D and Nano style miniature connectors. Standard off the shelf
and modified to your specifications. Built to Miil 83513. Complete cable assemblies
BASIC ELECTRONICS - Flex Circuit solutions for High Value electronics. Complete
in house design services. Over 40 years of solving complex flex requirements.
FIBERSOURCE- High Reliability Fiber Optic Connectivity solutions. Fiber
assemblies, Harsh Environment, Fiber connectors, Custom Fiber Optic components,
Hybrid Fiber Optic Camera Assemblies.